< freestyle markuplanguage >

FML (Freestyle Markup Language) is a modern formal meta-language, comparable to the generalized descriptive markup languages XML or SGML.

    <@ fml.name="introduction" fml.uri="http://www.freestyle-markup.org/intro.fml" fml.description="fml example document">


    <! translation: "wonderful" !>

    <movie type="musical">
          Mary Poppins
    <year> 1964 </year>

FML obeys the leitmotif "maximum degree of freedom" and allows restriction-free markup of documents and data:

The language FML is a powerful basic technology for the markup of texts and the structuring of data in a polyhierarchical container.

The development of FML results from practical experiences, from several deficiencies of the potent de-facto-standard XML and from current comparable approaches. The language is easy to learn, ergonomic and intuitive, and targets further development of markup languages along the evolution of data structures.